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Testimonials 2018


Below you will find some of the extensive feedback we have received from teachers in 2018. These are, visiting teacher, responses to the question "What do you think the centre does well?”

The activities at this centre are awesome, the students push themselves in a safe environment. The hands on aspect gives realtime feedback on students learning and the educational experiences can be altered to suit their ability.

Excellent teachers who are skilled in outdoor education, manage behaviour well and build the social/emotional capacity of students.

The teaching staff engage with every student and set clear expectations for every activity. They build a sense of connection to the TEEC and its environment as a place of respect and care. TEEC provides opportunities for students to explore through activities the boundaries of their comfort zones without forcing students beyond what they are comfortable with.

Induction activities-very clear and precise. Choice of activities-even though the students were only there for three days, it was action packed. Meals-the students were full of praise for the menu. Safety component was upper most in all activities.

The organisation of the groups is very effective. Behaviour management is awesome. The way the centre teachers explain the activities is very detailed. The centre teachers also keep the students engaged throughout the activities

TEEC offers a variety of fun and educational activities and provides a very well-managed camp experience for its students.

This centre has an amazing learning program that develops leadership within students as well as allowing them to learn in a hands on environment.  It also allows students to be engaged within the curriculum without them really knowing that they are still learning.

Excellent support for visiting staff and parents at all stages of the camp and willingness to step in, to provide that support at any time; encouragement and positive guidance for students;  friendly welcome; great patience!

The centre provides an excellent curriculum based approach to enabling students to grow and develop in many areas such as their confidence, resilience and perseverance.

The centre is so well organised and prepared for camp groups. Everything from the menus to the facilities are so well maintained, organised and ready to go. It really makes getting meals, clean up etc simple and easy to do. The teaching staff, principal and staff are friendly and welcoming, the time taken to answer extensive class teacher questions and concerns is really appreciated. All in all the TEEC is an amazing facility and the staff are fantastic, what the children take away with them in knowledge and growth is not something that they can get in a classroom. It's an appreciation for the world they live in and the creatures who share it and why its important to look after it. This is the type facility that all QLD students need access to.

Having come on camp last year it is worth noting the amazing change I saw in my class. My overall attendance rose and student engagement grew significantly. The opportunity for teachers and students to get to know each other outside the classroom really helped to keep the growth made on camp, going back in school. Thank you TEEC you are a great bunch!

The staff are amazing - very knowledgeable, excellent roll models and had great techniques to challenge the students and provide assistance when needed.

Kitchen staff put on fantastic meals for teachers and students.

The program is amazing, staff are awesome and I couldn't be happier with the organisation, facilities and program for this camp.

Fantastic!! Wish every student had this experience at least once in their schooling. Thank you very much for an awesome experience.

Excellent program, facilities and resources. The teaching staff are outstanding.  Their expertise is valued and appreciated.

Highly engaging activities that are aligned to the Australian Curriculum. Very motivated, knowledgeable, professional and passionate staff. Very supportive staff. Facilities are excellent. Love the fact you get the kids doing the work and allowing them to work in a team situation. Encouraging teachers and support staff to step back and engage only when needed. The signage in and around the complex is fantastic. Highly visual, informative and very appropriate in all settings.​