Cooking at Black Gully Campus

The preparation, cooking and serving of meals while camping here at the centre is the responsibility of visiting staff, students and parents.

One of the objectives of a visit to this Centre is to have pupils working cooperatively to complete every day chores that might normally fall to mum and dad. A visit to this centre, although a fun experience, should not be considered a holiday for pupils.
We believe the task of preparation and cooking should be an integral part of the program completed by visiting pupils and therefore we like to see pupils as heavily involved as possible in this part of the program. Obviously for younger pupils (Year 4 down) this is not practical or advisable.

Make sure you take the time before camp to go through the risks involved with food preparation. Details can be found on our Risk Management Page for Food preparation (PDF, 120KB).

Visiting parents always need to feel they are an important asset to the camp and sometimes tend to want to take over the major role in the kitchen. Certainly, a part of their role could be of major organiser, assistant and overseer of the food preparation and cooking activities.

It is vitally important, we believe, that pupils feel ownership of the camp and therefore should be initiating and suggesting the menu and type of food to be taken on camp.

In short, we believe it is vital that pupils do the thinking and the work while on camp. There is no point in pupils walking into an activity when all the important preplanning work (food and gear preparation) has been done for them.

PLEASE HAVE PUPILS INVOLVED IN THE COOKING - To this end, we would like to assist by offering pupils some suggestions on cooking methods and meals they may wish to use/eat while on camp. See Methods of Cooking Available and Menu Suggestions.

Organisation of roster groups will ensure the smooth running of the kitchen. Pupils should be very much involved if possible in designing menu, purchasing food requirements and choosing the meals they wish to cook while on camp.

As a final note, we know it is far easier and less time consuming to have parents/staff organising and completing the cooking, but we firmly believe that this aspect of the camp can represent an important learning and socialising experience for all pupils.