Fire Emergency Evacuation

Black Gully Campus

The continuous sound of the centre's fire siren indicates a fire or the need for emergency evacuation.
Any staff or accompanying adult who observe smoke or fire should immediately authorise the sounding of the fire siren. Siren is located at the top of the main stairs. Evacuation plans are displayed at all entrances of Centre's Buildings. A head count or roll call should take place at the Emergency Evacuation Location.

The blue pole at the end of the driveway closest to the lake identifies the Emergency Evacuation Location. This centre has identified three roles for adults, that will be critical in an emergency. These roles are allocated during the adults induction walk and displayed in the kitchen.

Barron River Campus

At the sound of the 'Fire Alarm' all buildings should be evacuated. The 'Emergency Evacuation Point' is accross the road on the lawn adjacent to the hall. Accompanying adults will be allocated roles, during the site induction, to be completed if there was an emergency.