Group Duties

Cooking Group (Black Gully only):
  • Take out food required
  • Prepare food for cooking
  • Make sure drink containers are full
  • Cook food
  • Serve food in an orderly manner

Clean-up Group:
  • Operate the dishwasher.
  • Wash up pots and pans.
  • Put away remaining food.
  • Leave kitchen area clean and tidy.

Sweep Out Group:
  • This group is responsible for sweeping out the dining area and wiping down the tables.

NB: During the camp each person is responsible for rinsing their own plate, cup, knife and fork after each meal in preparation for the dishwasher.

Our suggestion for group sizes would be:
  • Cooking Group - 6 students (Black Gully only)
  • Clean-up Group - 4 students
  • Sweep Out Group - 4 students

However most teachers have a duty group of about 6 students who are responsible for all duties at a particular meal.

Day by day Duty Roster

Additional duties in a 'Bush Camp' situation:

  • Have washing-up water boiling on fire and change constantly whilst camped out.
  • Have hand-washing water ready where necessary.
  • Collect Firewood.
  • Light Fire.
  • Make sure fire is well stoked.
  • Everyone washes and dries their own eating gear