Parent Role

Some suggestions of details that might be included in a letter to parents that will be accompanying your class.

This centre encourages the presence of parents on school camps. We believe it is vitally important that parents feel and become a part of the education process. Your role during the camp should be clearly defined. Parents can be involved in all aspects of the camp, but especially:
a) As an overseer/director of the preparation and cooking of meals. (Black Gully Campus)
b) As an active participant in all educational pursuits of the camp. This may also involve parents in leading a small group on certain activities (there must also be a teacher present in the immediate area to oversee the activity).
This role of course varies according to the ages of the pupils - the younger the pupils the more assistance required. Parents on a camp naturally want to help pupils complete the set tasks and often in their enthusiasm, take up the role of 'doer', rather than organiser or director.

As a parent assistant on camp you are playing an important role without doing everything for the pupils. We want the tasks on a school camp to be part of the education experience so as to promote responsibility, interdependence and initiative.
We must encourage pupils to do the thinking while on camp. Too often we do things for our pupils. This is not to say that you will not sometimes assist in the completion of some tasks. Sometimes activities take longer than programmed or pupils have extended activities and when this occurs, it is good to have parents on standby to assist.

Please be aware that Education Queensland has a total ban on smoking in all educational facilities. Teachers, supervisors of staff, other employees and volunteers must not smoke in the presence of students, be it on school grounds, excursions, camps or other school activities.

You will also need to understand that it is not appropriate for alcohol to be consumed by any adult whilst caring for other people's children on camp.

It is absolutely critical that you talk to your teacher before camp and clarify very clearly your role.