Student's Code of Conduct

As a visitor to TEEC you have the following rights:

  • to have fun
  • to feel safe
  • to be respected
  • to learn and be challenged
  • to enjoy a safe, clean and friendly environment.

As a visitor to the TEEC you have the following responsibilities:

  • to show respect for other students, their ideas, opinions and their property
  • to listen to and follow directions by teachers and other supervising adults
  • to take responsibility for your actions
  • to demonstrate self control when required
  • to work equally hard for yourself and your group to ensure a happy and successful camp
  • to encourage and support others
  • to respect the decision of the majority of the group
  • to cooperate with and show respect for, your teacher, accompanying adults, centre staff, and your fellow students
  • to consider the safety of yourself and others
  • to create situations that help make the camp a pleasant one.
  • to show respect for the Centre's property
  • to listen to and follow the rules and procedures of the Centre
  • to show respect for the local environment
  • to act responsibly about eating and caring for your health - eg. sun protection, cleanliness, appropriate clothing and footwear.
  • to be responsible - you are representing your family and school.

Serious breach of this code of conduct will result in the following procedure:

First offence: warning and time out (cooling off period).

Second offence:
excluded from activity.

Third offence:
after consultation with teacher, centre staff and school principal if in their opinion the child's behaviour is no longer acceptable, they will be sent home, i.e.: either returned to school or parents asked to collect their child.

* Any additional expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the parents