Policy on Booking

Schools and teachers need to be reminded of the many applications received each year to utilize this centre.
It is inevitable that a number of schools miss out. The staff at this Centre have the unenviable job of advising schools that their application has been unsuccessful.

Within our allocation policy, we attempt to ensure equity of opportunity to all schools. When allocating places our policy guidelines take into account the following factors:

  • large and small schools
  • geographically isolated schools
  • schools that applied and missed out the previous year
  • schools with a preference for a 4 or 5 day camping experience
  • teachers that are seeking a genuine educational experience for their students with a balance of outdoor and environmental learning objectives.
Confirmation of a booking:

  1. Your school will be invoiced for a confirmation deposit of $20 - per booked student. 
  2. Changes to these booked numbers must be made in direct consultation with TEEC. 
  3. Significant changes in numbers may result in booking restrictions, changes or cancellation.
  4. If you bring 90% of your booked numbers TEEC will credit the full deposit against the final school invoice.
  5. If you bring less than 90% of your booked numbers TEEC will retain the full deposit for non-attendees. (eg: 100 booked – 88 attend = only 88 deposits are credited)
  6. TEEC is classed as ‘another government agency’ and under State Purchasing Policy can be used without obtaining competitive quotes.
  7. Cancellation after this booking form has been returned will result in TEEC retaining your deposit.
  8. A booking that is cancelled with less than 8 weeks to go will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the total anticipated charge (less deposit).​