Camp Rules

We want your experience on camp to be different and enjoyable. To insure this happens you need to observe the following basic rules:

Language used should be pleasant and in conversational tone - eg. it is not necessary to shout and swear.
  • Mobile phones and iPods must be left at home.

  • There is no need to have money, there is nowhere to spend it.

  • Jewellery and other valuables should not be brought on camp.

  • Chips, soft drink, chewing gum and lollies are not to be brought on camp.

  • The only people who should be in a tent/room are those that sleep there.


  • In case of any emergency (fire, accident, boating accident, snake sighting) immediately contact nearest teacher or parent - return to the centre if necessary.

  • In case of fire in the kitchen, main building or in a tent/room, inform the nearest adult and then move to the Emergency Evacuation Point by the shortest route and in an orderly manner.


  • Wash hands with soap before you eat or prepare food and after you go to the toilet.

  • It is best to let cups and plates drain dry. 
  • If you feel ill at any time, tell your teacher immediately.

Cooking and kitchen: 

(Black Gully Campus only)
  • When working in a cooking group, you complete only the tasks allocated to you - eg. collecting the ingredients, chopping up vegetables or cooking.
  • Use gloves  to handle pots.
  • When using cutting knives, use a board and always cut away from your body
  • DO NOT waste water by allowing the tap to run - if you require water use a container to obtain the required amount.

  • Adults only are to use the 'Zip Heater' and Microwave in the kitchen.


Bush Camping :

  • Cooking over an open fire is sometimes dangerous.
  • Keep well back from the fire unless it is your task to do the cooking.
  • No running or playing near the fire.
  • When working in a cooking group, you complete only the tasks allocated to you eg. collecting wood, fire lighting, food preparation, cooking.

  • Do not use the axe or light fires without permission.

  • Use a pot hook or gloves to handle camp-ovens, billies or pots.

Waste Management : 

There are specific bins for a variety of recyclable materials. All campers (pupils and adults) and especially those handling food and drink containers need to be aware of the recycling and waste management procedures.

Self-directed Activities :

  • During this time you must stay within the area specified by the teachers.
  • Do not swim or use canoes without permission.
  • Keep off the low ropes course unless supervised by an adult.
  • Do not run on the concrete and around the buildings/tents.


  • You must always have shoes on. 
  • "Dry shoes" for around camp, in the kitchen and on expeditions. 
  • "Wet shoes" for canoeing, swimming and other water activities. 
  • Thongs are ONLY for going to the toilet/shower at night.


  • On your arrival the boundaries of the Centre will be outlined. Our expectation is that students will remain inside those boundaries unless accompanied by an adult.

Group Challenges:

  • The Group Challenge adventure course is to be used only under adult supervision.


  • Swimming only happens under adult supervision in the defined area after you have been marked on the swimming roll.


  • Canoeing only occurs under the supervision of trained TEEC staff. 
  • There should be a LEAST 2 people in each canoe. 
  • Participants must be wearing a PFD.
  • PFDs must always be returned to the drying line after use.

  • Canoes must be lifted NOT dragged from the water.​