Camp Rules Worksheet

Use the 'Support and Resources' - 'Student Resources' - 'Extra Information' - 'Camp Rules' section on the TEEC website to complete the following activities on the rules you must follow when at the centre.

We want your experience on camp to be different and enjoyable. To insure this happens you need to observe the following basic rules:

  • Language used should be pleasant and in conversational tone - eg. it is ____ necessary to shout and _______.
  • Mobile phones and ipods must be left at home.
  • There is no need to ______ money, there is no where to spend it.
  • __________ and other _________ should not be brought on camp.
  • Chips, softdrink, chewing gum and lollies are not to be brought on camp.
  • The ______ people who should be in a tent/room are those that _______ there.


  • In case of any _________________(fire, accident, boating accident, snake sighting) immediately ______________ the nearest ______________ or parent - return to the centre if necessary. 
  • In case of a ________ in the kitchen, main building or in a tent/room, inform the nearest adult and then move to the _______________ _______________ __________by the shortest route and in an _____________ manner.

  • Wash hands with soap ______ you eat or prepare food, and after you go to the toilet.
  • It is best to let cups and plates _________ dry.
  • If you feel ill at any time tell your teacher _______________.
COOKING AND KITCHEN : (Black Gully Campus only)

  • When working in a cooking group, you complete only the tasks that are alloted to you - collecting the ingredients, chopping up the vegetables or cooking.
  • Use __________ to handle pots.
  • When using cutting ___________, use a board and always _______ away from your body.
  • DO NOT waste water by allowing the ______ to ______ - if you require water use a container to obtain the required amount.
  • Adults only are to use the 'Zip Heater' and microwave in the kitchen.

  • Cooking over an open fire is sometimes ____________________.
  • Keep _________ back from the fire ___________ it is your task to do the cooking.
  • No running or playing near the __________. 
  • When working in a cooking group, you complete _________ the tasks that are alloted to you - eg. collecting ___________, fire lighting, food preparation, ____________.
  • Do _________ use the axe or light fires without permission.
  • Use a pot-hook or gloves to _________ campovens, billies, or pots.

  • There are specific ___________ for a variety of _______________ materials. All campers (pupils and adults) and especially those handling food and drink containers need to be ___________ of the recycling and waste management procedures.

  • During this _______ you must stay within the area specified by the teachers.
  • Do not swim or use ____________ without permission and supervision.
  • Keep off the low ropes unless supervised by an ___________.
  • Do not run on the ______________ and around the buildings/tents.

  • You ____________ ____________ have shoes __________.
  • 'Dry shoes' are for around _____________, in the _______________ and on expeditions.
  • 'Wet shoes' are for _________________, ________________ and other ______________ activities.
  • Thongs are ONLY for going to the ____________/shower at ____________.


  • On your _____________ the boundaries of the Centre will be _______________. Our expectation is that ___________ will ____________ inside those boundaries unless accompanied by an __________.

  • The Group Challenge Adventure Course is _________ to be used under adult ______________.

  • Swimming only happens under _____________ supervision in the defined _____________ after you have been ______________ on the swimming roll.


  • Canoeing only occurs under the ______________ of trained TEEC staff.
  • There should be at LEAST ________ people in __________ canoe.
  • Participants ______________ be wearing a PFD.
  • PFD's must always be returned to the _____________line after use.
  • Canoes must be __________ NOT ______________ from the water.