With your teacher you will need to organise:

Duty groups -
  • to prepare meals and clean up afterwards.
  • an adult should be rostered on, to monitor your progress.
  • this group could be in charge of deciding what we will eat for the meal. How much food will we need?
Tent groups - four to a tent

A buddy -someone who is going to check you are there, when necessary.
You may like to give each member of your group a role:

1. Make your group laugh
    •    Tell Jokes
    •    Pass funny remarks without being cheeky
    •    Be silly and funny

2. Ask your group members opinions
    •    "How do you feel today?"
    •    "What did you feel about ......"
    •    " Did you have fun?"

3. Point out the positives
    •    Tell them how fun it is going to be
    •    Tell them they're lucky to be there
    •    Influence your good points onto them

4. Encourage your group members
    •    Say nice things
    •    Pat them on the back
    •    Cheer them on

5. Compliment your group members
    •    Congratulations!
    •    Well Done!
    •    Good on ya!

6. Congratulate your group members
    •    Terrific!
    •    Next time....
    •    Brilliant!

7. Give your group members feedback
    •    How well they did an activity
    •    "You should have seen........."
    •    "I liked it when..........."