Maths Sheet

Some Maths questions to test out students before  or after their visit -
  1. If each child on camp drinks 2 litres of water every day, how many litres will be consumed over the 4 days?
  2. A bivouac plastic is 2.7m long and 2m wide.
    • Calculate the: (a) perimeter ; (b) area of one piece.
  3. The trunk of a large tree in Platypus State Forest has a circumference of 2.1m. Give an approximation of the diameter.
  4. A large cubic rubbish bin with a length of 2m is made for the camping area. What is the capacity of the bin?
  5. Draw a shape you saw on camp (fish, tent, etc) on square grid paper in your maths book. Give the shape to a friend to calculate the area using the shading and counting method.
  6. If a camper is able to walk at 2 metres per second constantly, how fast would that be in kilometres per hour?
  7. The bus driver leaves the depot at 7:50 a.m and does not return until 12:15 p.m. How long is he out for?
  8. Show on an analogue clock and write in digital 24 hour time approximately when you:
    • (a) arrived at camp (b) went to sleep (c) had a swim
  9. Using your camp timetable calculate the total time spent on:
    • (a) canoeing (b) orienteering (c) eating
  10. On a timeline show the events of one day on camp.