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The Quick Fix


Step-by-step for teachers!!

1. Your first job in the organisation of your camp is to be aware of the expectations of this centre and its staff - go to - "Notes for Teachers".

2. View Familiarisation Session to understand the requirements of running a successful camping experience for you and your students.

3. Consider your sustainability focus by looking at the four options offered at our centre.

4. Once you have selected your sustainability focus use the following form to provide us with the information we need to plan your camp - "Plan Your Camp". From the details provided on this form we will plan a draft program for your group and email it to you.

5. Follow the checklist below!

This ten week checklist is everything you will need to think about and complete in the run up to your camp. This list is specifically designed to ensure you and your class are appropriately prepared for your visit.

Ten Weeks to Go -

  1. Check out camp costs (don't forget to book transport and calculate costs)

  2. Catering

    Barron River Campus - Fully catered meals for the duration of the camp.
  • Please advise TEEC well ahead of time of any dietary requirements for members of your group.
  • Please do not bring any additional food.
  • Meal Times:
    • ​​​Breakfast - 7:00am
    • Lunch - 12 noon (or as appropriate)
    • Dinner - 6:30pm

Black Gully Campus - Food Purchasing Service

      3. Send first letter to parents (camp details - dates, activities, approx. cost etc.).

      4. Download a copy of our A3 colour poster for your room - Poster

      5. Make sure you have the required amount of adult supervision​.

Nine, Eight, Seven Weeks to Go -

  1. Complete "Excursion Planner" on OneSchool. Your school will need some documentation on Risk Management.

  2. Check out the Pre and Post Visit Activities that might help your students prepare for or follow up from your camp. 

Six, Five Weeks to Go -

1. Send a second letter to parents, including:

2. Send a separate letter home ​to the parents that will accompany you on camp​

Four Weeks to Go - 

  1. Organise your night time activities

Three, Two Weeks to Go - FOCUS ON CAMP!!

For YOU -

1. Organise duty groups and accommodation groups -

Black Gully Campus - Tents (4 per tent, no less than 3 unless prior arrangement)

Barron River Campus - Dorms

2. Look at our School Behaviour Management Plan and Behaviour Register form.

3. Collect consent forms.

4. Groups

We would prefer that each class stay together in the same group working with their teacher. 

Use ONESCHOOL to copy and paste your students onto our Group List. There should be one list for each class/group (larger school groups will work in a Colour Group as per your timetable).

ONESCHOOL - Home Page - Reports - Student Management - Lists - Dynamic Student List Report - Select Class/yr level - Report Render Type - EXCEL - Generate Report - Open - copy and paste.

email to TEEC two weeks before your arrival.

Black Gully only - look at Waste Management on our website with your class.

Barron River Camp Coordinator will need to complete the Kitchen Duty Roster.

For YOUR class -

Prepare your​ class by looking at the following with them -

  • Location - where are we going?
  • Our Camp - why are we going?
  • Camp Rules - to keep us safe
  • Code of Conduct - our behaviour is important
  • Timetable - what will we be doing? (a complete timetable will be emailled to you)
  • Menu (Black Gully only) - what will we be eating? (on our website)
  • What To Bring - what will I need? 
    • ​NB. TEEC does not supply linen to students or adults!


the Camp Booklet exemplar which is an ideal way to prepare your students for camp. It contains -
  • Our Camp
  • Camp Rules worksheet (the complete version may be substituted)
  • Code of Conduct
  • What to Bring
You may choose to add the following -

Black Gully Campus - Menu (blank or complete), Timetable (blank or complete), Duty Groups (blank or complete) and Duty Roster (blank of complete).

Barron River Campus - Timetable - (blank or complete).

Seven Days to Go -
  1. Send through your final numbers and adult alert list​ (doc 226MB)

  2. Send through your student alert list (doc 226MB) (one for each class [camp]group)

  3. Schools camped at "Barron River"​ need to send through your accommodation student lists (see above)

  4. Make copies of Accommodation Groups and Timetable (to be displayed in kitchen).

  5. Schools camped at "Black Gully" will also need their Duty Groups, Duty Roster printed for display. 

  6. Review with your class what to bring and what not to bring.

Camp Week - Bring with you!

  1. Know your exact numbers.
  2. First Aid kit for your trip.
  3. A copy of:
    • your final numbers and adult alert list​ (doc 226MB)
    • your student alert list​ (doc 226MB)​ summary of any medical and other conditions of which we should be aware( signed by your Principal). Attach copies of any "Medical Management Plans" (Part C of consent Form).
    • An Administration of Medication Form​.
    • ​All "Consent Forms". Please note that it is our school policy to keep these all in one central location onsite. This allows anyone who needs access to have it. If your school requires you to carry consent forms with you wherever you go on camp you will need to bring an extra set.