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Adult Supervision


​It is important that you plan for your group to have additional adults present. Each group may have specialist teachers or aides that are required to provide extra support to students with special need​s. Your extra adults could be teacher-aides or parents.

  • You should be planning for 3 adults with each group at all times.

  • Staff of this Centre will count towards this supervision but generally do not stay into the evenings and so should not be included in your numbers for overnight supervision.

  • The minimum number of adults to be brought by a school camped here at TEEC is:

 1 class = Class teacher plus 2 additional adults.

 2 classes = 2 Class teachers plus 2 additional adults.

3 classes = 3 Class teachers plus 3 additional adults.

4 classes = 4 Class teachers plus 4 additional adults.​