Some questions for you to answer. Play these games on camp!

Game No.1

Name: Adam and Eve

Requirements: A Waddy (rolled up newspaper), 2 blindfolds

Rules: Two kids are chosen. One is "Adam" the other is "Eve". They are blindfolded. Eve has the waddy. Eve has to try to hit Adam with the waddy. To help her locate Adam she calls out " Where are you Adam?" to which Adam must reply "Over here Eve." Adam and Eve are free to move around within a circle made by the rest of the class. These kids are seated and use their hands to gently keep Adam and Eve in the circle. When Adam is hit by the waddy the turn is over and Adam and Eve choose new people for the next turn.

1. What does Eve say? _____________________________________

2. What does Adam reply? __________________________________

3. Which of the five senses will Adam and Eve need to use most? ___________

4. What is Eve's Aim? ______________________________________

5. What are some safety considerations necessary for this game? ________________


6. Explain to a partner how to play the game.

7. Lead the class in a game of "Adam and Eve".

Game No.2

Name: Shoeing Horses

Requirements: Two chairs, eight plastic cups, 2 blindfolds

Rules: Two kids are blindfolded, the rest are seated in a circle around them. The chairs (horses) and the cups (horse shoes) are spread around inside the circle. The aim of the game is for the blindfolded students to find one shoe at a time and put it on the leg of his/her horse. The winner is the competitor who shoes his or her horse first. The other students in the circle need to protect those who are blindfolded by holding their hands in front of them and pushing them gently back into the circle.

1. Use other words to write an explanation of how to play this game.





2. Lead the class in a game of "Shoeing Horses".

Game No.3

Name: Port and Starboard

Requirements: A large rectangular area for running

Rules: This game is based around a ship. One person is the captain who gives the commands. The last person to follow the command is eliminated (make sure you give everyone a fair go at the game before you eliminate them).


  • "Port" - Run to the end of the playing area to the left of the captain
  • "Starboard" - Run to the end of the playing area to the right of the captain
  • "Climb the Rigging" - Running on the spot, using arms to reach for the "rigging"
  • "Hit the deck" - Lie face down on the ground or floor
  • "Scrub the decks" - on hands and knees scrubbing with a scrubbing brush.

These commands can be mixed up to confuse the runners (crew). The last command is the one to follow. This is an excellent game that will make you sleep well. The winner is the last one in.

1. Write instructions for these commands:

"Captain's Aboard" - _____________________________________

"Man the Crows Nest" - __________________________________

2. Invent some commands of your own:

_______________ - _______________________________________

_______________ - _______________________________________

3. Explain to a partner how to play the game.

4. Lead the class in a game of "Port and Starboard".

Game No.4

Name: Electric Shock

Requirements: A bunch of keys, a coin

Rules: The group is divided in two even lines. The two lines face each other and sit with about 50 cm separating them. The leader of the game sits with the coin beside the players at the head of the line. The keys are placed between the two players at the other end of the line. Everyone in the line joins hands. The two players at the head of the lines have their eyes open, everyone else has their eyes closed. The leader tosses the coin. If the result is "heads" the players with their eyes open squeeze the hand of the player next to them who in turn does the same to the player next to them. Thus the message is sent down the line where the last player quickly picks up the keys. The team with the keys gets a point. A team that picks up the keys at the wrong time loses a point. The players at the end of the line come to the head of the line for the next turn.

1. Draw a diagram which explains this game. Label it neatly.

2. Explain to a partner how to play the game.

3. Lead the class in a game of "Electric Shock".

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